Canine sports medicine and rehabilitation (1 edition)

Canine sports medicine and rehabilitation (1 edition) canine sports medicine and rehabilitation (1 edition)

UCHealth s combination of academic and community-focused medicine brings leading-edge care to patients in the Rocky Mountain.

by Catherine McGowan (Author), Narelle Stubbs (Author) Review [T]he author′s focus on active rehabilitation, careful evaluation of the patient and assesment of biomechanics in the current textbooks places this book high in the ranking of texts in the.

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Figure 3. Structural properties of the bone-ligament-bone complex - A load/elongation curve; stiffness is represented by the slope of the curve; ultimate load is the highest load applied to the bone-ligament-bone complex before failure; the dashed.

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“Overall, this book is an extensive text for anyone interested in pursuing canine rehabilitation and physical therapy or for those intending to refer dogs to such practitioners. In association with a good anatomy text or extensive anatomical.

Epidemiology. Primary care physicians and other health care providers are often presented with various disorders related to the knee joint. Sports activities can.

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Canine sports medicine and rehabilitation (1 edition)